dealscustomer appreciation sale, 50% off for woot…


Use the coupon code. Site said "discount will be applied in cart," but it's not automatic, you have to enter the code.


I added woot334 and the price for my medallion was cut in half! Great deal! Thanks Woot!


The ONLY way that you're going to get a good deal with this, is if you find a name brand item that would be cheaper (including shipping) at BudK, using this coupon.

Do yourself a favor, and shy away from the cheap knives, swords and axes, that will never hold an edge!


Since there doesn't seem to be an edit feature....

This coupon is only good for items on TWO pages.....which seem to be 50% off for everyone. Try it on anything else, the site ignores it.


The $7.99 shipping kills this deal for me. If I bought the items I wanted for $8 and then had to pay $7.99 shipping...I'd basically be saving 1 cent over their "free shipping" code of BKSHIP322. I'll pass.