dealsfivefingers thank you sale - up to 30% off for…


I've never seen a sale on this site either. After a cursory look at women's, it appears that it's either up to 30% off OR free shipping. I'm sad. Couldn't find any good buys for me. :-( Thanks for the deal, though. Others may find a bargain.


Those that are discounted are also free shipping, just not obvious on the main page. Only certain colors are on discount...


The dark brown Treks are amusing, they may feel like you're walking barefooted, but they look more like you're walking on bear feet....


@pg318: I looked at the women's Speed. It is not discounted (still $100), but does have free shipping. Only 1 color choice. That was after I put it in the cart. :-(


Probably handy for some people but this seems like a really weak "thank you" for 5 years... they're offering prices that discount them to the prices of a lot of the authorized resellers and they're only offering the discounts on very specific models. It's mostly just a free shipping event.


If you go to the link and click the "Men's" or "Women's" links on the middle right of the page, they list each model and tell you in red if it is a percent off deal or free shipping only.

I agree that the same prices (or lower) can be found elsewhere, but they have some colors on sale here that I haven't seen on sale anywhere else. Yay!


This is a fail for anyone, such as myself, with large feet. Their biggest men's size is a 47, which according to their charts is a 12" foot. My foot just so happens to measure 13", which on their chart would probably read as 49.

I'm unlucky, I really wanted a pair of these too, funny thing is the knockoffs I've seen are available in my size. LOL


Er, it says right on the front of the site that it's 30% AND free shipping. We just ordered a pair of women's Classics for $52.50 -- that is a serious deal.


Vibram FiveFingers

ks0 42.45
trek sport 49.95

almost all sizes

10buck free credit with first order from link above