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One thing to note on this release: it is in a slim line blu ray case. When I ordered, it came in a slim line case, like what you find in a box set (ala the Matrix box set). Seems worth noting.


The perpetual $5 Blu Ray.


YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN IT!?!?! Well you best spend $5 today, so you can understand how the song "Stuck in the Middle With You" instantly makes every Tarantino fan think of the same awesome scene at the same time! Worth $5 just for that 10 minutes alone!


It's only free shipping if your a member of Amazon Prime or if you try it for free. If you try it for free you have to give your credit card# and must cancel before they renew it and charge you. Otherwise it is $3.98 shipping which isn't that bad. $8.98 for one of the greatest movies of all time!


Target has this for $5 as well.


Bring out the gasoline!!! I'm in, thanks. One of my favorites- can't wait to listen to that sound track digitally. Song is great in that scene. I love the actor, forget his name little dance to stuck in the middle ....then pow!!! I think Tarantinos best.