dealsmicrosoft xbox live 12 month gold membership card…


Snatched 4, these usually sell out fast...


If I get one of these, can I activate it in a few months? will it be good for 12 months from activation?


@kay6692: They stack. so if you have time left on your current account, it will begin when your current membership expires.


Do these work for the new Xbox one?


@hansolo555: Yes, your gold account will transfer.


If you dont need it I say wait. These things do show up at a cheaper price regularly. 2 weeks ago they were $30 on ebay from NewEgg.


@lovelost: Not sure why people are down voting you as you are correct. I normally get mine for $35 all the time and places pop up at least once a month with that price. If you need a year renewal soon, this is a great price compared to the $60+ Microsoft charges you.

When you catch it for $30 a year, it's best to snag a couple so you don't have to worry about it.