dealsxbox live 1 month gold membership for $4.99…


this isn't a great deal.
499 credits comes to $6.24 not $4.99. 80 credits per $1.
If you get xbox live 12 month gold from amazon its 44.90, right now.
which is $3.74 a month. $44.90 / 12mo. = $3.74 (basic math)


That's not right, either. The cost is 499 Bing Rewards credits. No money is exchanged here and no Xbox LIVE points are used.

Still not a good deal, though. If you're in it to get the most bang for your buck (err... credits) always pick up the Xbox LIVE points. They have the best credit to money/value ratio. 100 Xbox LIVE points = $1.25, which you can grab for 125 credits for a $0.01/credit factor.

1 month Xbox LIVE = $5 (the price fluctuates, though), which returns the same ratio. This only holds up IF you're buying your Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions at retail price. You're a fool to do this, however, as it's nearly always available at around 33% off. That drops the monthly price and thus the ratio and we're back at Xbox LIVE points being the best deal.