dealsnew fluke 8845a/su 120v - multimeter for $1,195.00


@radams30: I don't think he's really posting those for the sake of it being a deal. It isn't any more expensive than other places, but really, it isn't going to get voted up to popular, no.

Seriously, if you're looking for one of these, you'd want to buy it from the company you normally purchase such products. Why would you even want one unless you were working in an industry where they were purchased via a purchase order or other contract in any case? It isn't like it's a toy, or something that you'd purchase for home use.

Before I retired, this sort of thing showed up by magic. I would tell the purchaser that I needed X of something like this, and then they would show up. I imagine that they cost something, but less than this (it was a very large company, and the buyers were ruthless on discounts and comparison shopping). YMMV. HTH. HAND.


The idiot that posted this - all he posts are things from (including a $6000 insulation oven or some(mod edit: profanity) like that) and - presumably HIS listings there. I'm not sure why he thinks his personal advertisements would get voted up, but we're seeing them at least. I reallly wish there were a 'not a deal/inappropriate personal advertising' link for these deals. (Or a way to block/ignore a user). They just clutter up the site.


@lorddamax: I'd love a way to personally block users. You are spot on with your evaluation of this guy. I don't much appreciate "deals" from etsy anyway, since they're no different from eBay stuff, and less interesting. On the other hand, all he needs is one bite at the apple, and he's a happy camper.