dealspremium bugatti torch lighter & cigar combo for…


Way over priced. Website also lacks info on ring size and details of what you get.


Look at what you can get with that kind of money, light up with a match!


I especially enjoy the fact that they never state the model number of the lighter you will be getting. Yes, it's a Bugatti, but which one? Looks like the B-1 to me by photo alone, but will you actually receive a B-1?

If you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY cannot live without buying this Bugatti lighter today (whichever one you may actually get), then it may be a retail 'deal' as it's $10 off normal online retail prices for the B-1, but who actually pays retail for one of these lighters? Wait a while and someone else who sells 'CI'gars will have 2-5 good sticks and lighter specials for $10-$20 and possibly get this same lighter then.


@tayl428: I waited for a 'CI'gar sampler pack and got a 10 pack of hodgepodge with the lighter for $25 shipped. I don't think I've gotten individual accessories once in my life.


Stogieboys is always overpriced.


These guys are overpriced. I haven't seen any actual "deal" from them in the dozens of posts they make a week.