dealsyoders canned bacon for $14.99


I remember buying canned bacon to take on Boy Scout camp outs.
Anyway, according to the Yoder's webpage:

Approximately 50 slices per can

Heat pasteurized in a sealed can
100% USDA Bacon, Packed in the U.S.
No refrigeration before opening
2-year manufacturer shelf life guarantee, Up to a 10-year shelf life
Compact & lightweight (only 4.5" high, 3" wide & weighs only 9oz)


The label says it's only nine ounces, regardless of how many slices there are.

Unless you are camping or stocking up for the end of the world this isn't a very good deal.


I'll bet many of the folks hit by the storms this past week would pay several times this amount for some good ole canned bacon. I buy pre-cooked packages of bacon at the wholesale club that is 9.5 ounces and has about 72 pieces. It claims to be equal to about 4 lbs, so without shipping, this isn't such a bad deal for something with a long shelf life. Nothing beats bacon to help you forget you don't have a roof on your house and your up to your scrotum in standing water.


Hey MIKEMGR, you say you buy precooked packages at the "Wholesale Club", is that a local thing or via the Net??