dealsthe original whiskey ball ice mold for $8.99…


I highly recommend these if you are a Whiskey, Whisky, Scotch or Bourbon drinker. If you are disappointed by the whiskey stones because they don't get your drink cold enough, then this is what you're looking for.

It works by maximizing the surface area of the beverage in contact with the ice, thereby cooling your drink faster and minimizing the melting of the ice.

They work great. I have a similar mold from Maker's Mark. They are also good in any drink you want to chill, but not water down!


@zollars23: Whiskey stones don't get your drink "cold enough" because they're not supposed to be drank (?) cold. Whiskey and bourbon should be cool, just below room temp. Plus, whiskey stones don't melt and water down your drink.



Not to get all physics on you, but I think you have it backward. It actually minimizes the surface area, which decreases the melting. The increased volume of ice leads to increased chilling without excessive melting.

If you have many small chunks of things, the surface area is much greater than one solid item of the same mass/volume.

Just sayin'.


@zollars23: Actually, you have it backwards. Using a sphere minimizes the surface area for a given volume (see:, which makes the cooling less efficient.

From the deal link: "And, by the tenets of applied physics there is even less surface area if the shape of the ice is that of a sphere." This means a spherical ice cube melts slower than any other shape, so it dilutes (and cools) your drink slower than any other shape. That's the idea, though.


@snoopjedi: whatever. It works. And I don't take physics lessons from wikipedia.


@machgogogo: you didn't actually read what I posted, did you?


@zollars23: Perhaps you should check wikipedia out.

However, the fact that it DOESN'T maximize surface area contact between the ice and the whiskey means that it will water it down slower than a handful of cubes, as well as last longer, as a larger chunk of ice.


I've bought a couple of molds for these spheres at Daiso Japan (asian dollar store) in the San Francisco area. They sell for about $1.50 there.

The spheres make excellent dog treats in summer, especially when made with chicken or beef stock.


Hi, big fan of the site. HUGE Scotch drinker. That said, I prefer my drink at room temperature and my second glass to have a FEW drops of iced water.

If you want a cold drink, try any of the clear spirits.


Fortunately, modern advances in medical science have made the embarrassment of whiskeyballs easily treatable.


If you're only getting one it might be a deal, but you can get a set of two Tovolo sphere ice molds from Amazon, eBay, or various other online outlets for $14.99 shipped (same price as a set of two of these with the woot coupon) only it looks like a much nicer product.


@lavikinga: Just play with your balls a bit to melt them down to fit into your glasses.


@str8chilld2: Amen. No other way to enjoy a nice single-malt besides neat. Though if it's a cheaper blend, I don't mind it on the rocks or with soda.


Amen to drinking it neat. The way it was always intended.


All you "aficionados" need to calm down. Whiskey/Whisky/Scotch drinker's palettes all advance at different rates, so there's no "one" solution. If someone likes their drink cold, let them have it. If you like it at room temperature, bully for you. Not everyone is at the same place. I know my tastes have changed over the years, and I fully expect them to continue changing. So for those that like their drinks on the rocks, here you go.


OK, room temp, here in Mesa Az was over 100 degrees F today. Room temps,
in the location where the Whiskey was born, is QUITE lower!

Since someone mentioned the Whiskey Stones earlier, I LIKE them!
They keep my drinks at a MUCH lower temp.

Now, on to spheres, (and, even hemispheres) a sphere has the lowest amount
of surface, than any other solid object. If you hadn't noticed, an inflated elastic
object always (when it can) will assume a spherical shape. (Soap bubbles, balloons,

Hemispheres, in particular, hemi combustion chambers, worked so well, because
they had less surface area, and less heat loss to the cylinder head.

Same principle, except heating, instead of cooling. (Which is really the same



@willie92: Your comment implies that it is inherently wrong to consume Scotch in a manner that is not neat.


about to sell out this batch. thanks for all your orders! they will be shipped out on Wednesday via rush mail.


@zollars23: If, given the expressions for the surface areas and volumes of a cube and a sphere, you can't follow a very simple derivation, I can't help you.

("I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.")

[/professional physicist mode]


@kavavita: Thanks for the tip! There's a store in Berkeley on Telegraph... The last time I saw this product I probably thought, "What the hell is this?"


@caesarchu: I'm guessing this deal is dead now as the homeyhookup doesn't work in paypal when you checkout


to all the Whiskey/Scotch snobs.. why are you on woot looking for enhancements when a good bottle of either will cost you hundreds of dollars?


So... because of SCIENCE (hooray!!!), no matter what shape your ice is in, the same amount of it will become liquid to cool a drink from a given temperature to a second temperature. I guess it's relevant to how you want to minimize the rate of melting once it reaches the desired temperature, but ice is too cold for that anyway.

Or you could be awesome and just open up the bouquet with a few sprinkles of water.


@str8chilld2: I don't think the fact that you're obese has anything to do with this deal. I really don't care that you're "big" or "HUGE". That's something I wouldn't brag about, sir.


sorry folks. all sold out. another batch on its way and we'll start this up again! it is still available at for 12.95 + free shipping.


first batch sold out in 1 day! next batch arriving in two weeks. all orders purchased after june 3rd will be shipped on june 20th. check out the secret URL again. password is homeyhookup. cheers!


@caesarchu: I ordered mine on June 2nd. When will mine arrive?


Back by popular demand, we're having a July sale for Woot members only! The last batch was sold out in two days so we're limiting your purchase to two units so everyone can have a shot at getting a Whiskey Ball.

The password is: "homeyhookup"