dealstransformer usb flash memory drive 8gb for $9.45…


These don't work. The first time I tried to pull it out of the USB port, the whole thing came apart. The USB/chip innards ripped completely out of the toy part. Now it just sits on my file cabinet.


The MOST POSITIVE rewview on Amazon says: "My friend saw it and said, 'Hey, is that a Ravage USB drive?!' And then Ravage's leg popped off." The rest all complain about it falling apart, not working as a USB drive eventually, and at best sitting on a shelf looking pretty. Shame, it would be awesome if it wasn't crap.


My friend has one and has used it as a flash drive when needed, but it is much better used as a novelty. If you think of it as a $10 Ravage figure with emergency flash drive capabilities rather than a USB drive, it's not a bad deal.

Also, if you'd like the Shattered Glass version of Ravage (ie, his good cousin):, he is currently going for ~$15. ;P