dealsjvc riptidz earbud headphones hafx8r - best buy…


Good deal. Even if they are terrible (I have no idea how good or bad they actually are), there are perfect as a disposable set of buds. Shipping not available. Not available for in-store pickup anywhere near me. Oh well.


Yikes! I was just going on here to ask if anyone had shipping available. Someone...I'm not going to mention any names, but it could've been me, went and bought the 5 quantity limit for stucking stuffers. Whew. I'm glad I got the 5 while shipping was available. Hopefully, they'll open it up again later. I think I'll email them to see if they will.


@rsmoker: I talked with the Best Buy folks and they confirmed that the item has "sold out in their shipping warehouse", but they will gladly help us find a location nearby. Grrrr...I guess I'll leave this link up in case someone is heading to a Best Buy then they can at least know about the deal.

It's just so frustrating when they put these deals up when they don't have sufficient quantities on hand. I get it that you're going to sell out sometimes, but It would be nice if they at least made it past noon in their own time zone!