dealsface/off -collectors edition (blu-ray) for $9.99…


Remember that dumb tennis ball-unlocks-car gag from youtube that got used in "The Next 3 Days"? Right up until that moment the movie was pretty good. That stupid gag just killed the movie for me.

Faceoff is like that right from the beginning. Come on, swapping faces changes voice, and wife doesn't notice that husband's body is completely different? I can suspend disbelief for some things but this just goes too far.

Gimme a break.


OK. A 'collectors edition'? Really? Who is collecting this crap?


Harsh... so harsh. This movie is classic 90s. Who cares if the concept was absurd. This is pure action entertainment. If you want reality, turn off the T.V. and walk outside. I miss movies like this! Too bad it's $10... less and they may have had winner.


I can't believe all the hate for this movie. It's a John Woo film and delivers on what he does. Plus it's before Cage and Travolta both went crazy.
The transfer on this was done very well. They put some effort into this one, not just a copy and paste from DVD. I'm proud to have this one in my collection. I got it as a Christmas gift a couple years ago but would gladly buy it.


the deal immediately above this one is for BIO-PEEL


Baahaahaahaa Ahhhh Haahaaahaaa! I love you @wootfast!!!!!! xoxoxoxo