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was going to buy it, then realized that is was "Jammin Butter" , which is worst company ever!


I've purchased several things from thatdailydeal without issue. Not sure why they have a bad rep.


I picked up two of the Shining decals from them about a month ago. Shipping was kind of slow during the holidays and I only received one of the two, but customer service sent out the second one right away after I contacted them. It was my first order with Jammin' Butter.

That said, based on the quality of the Shining decals, this probably won't be licensed.


@mkentosh: Sorry you don't like Jammin' Butter for some reason. They are one of my favorite sites. I have probably bought about as much from them as from Woot. Never any problems that couldn't be resolved with a quick call to their Customer Support number (where I always seem to reach a REAL person!).


@belyndag: my problem with them is they have awful customer service and they are very slow to ship. I'm only one person, I have my own opinion, but usually when there is a problem with a product or services, any company should try to take care of their customers, not respond in a rude manner.


@mkentosh: Wow! It sounds as though we're talking about two different companies. Every time I've had a question or problem I've called their CS number, got a real person (usually a very helpful woman named Jessie) and got immediate help. Maybe I'm just special, LOL!


This is the wall cling that made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.


Uh, the picture of this item is a misrepresentation of Star Wars. The Millenium Falcon does not run from TIE fighters....geeeeez come on people.


@stasisman: Sure it does, now don't get cocky kid.