dealsinception/sherlock holmes/matrix blu-ray (and…


My local Walmart had this ad in the paper too but so couldn't find it in store today lol. Great deal though!


Where does it say it has movie cash in it? And when does said movie cash expire?


The valid BluRays have a sticker on the front regarding the movie cash. Non-stickered BluRays are actually full price -- for example, the Inception BluRay without the sticker is $20! When I went into Walmart I couldn't find the stickered copy, so I brought a non-stickered one to the cashier with the sale paper. She sent someone to find the right copy for me.

The movie cash expires 1/12/12.


@jpers36: When I went in yesterday to find these, they were in a bright red display. They will very likely be in the aisle as opposed to in the electronics section.

It's also worth noting that there was a very limited amount of these movies. I'd say that there were 10 to 12 of each movie, perhaps six or eight different movies. If you want to get in on the deal, I'd suggest going as soon as possible.


Not only is the ticket only good until Jan 12/2012, but its only good on WarnerBros movies which narrows your choices down to Sherlock Holmes 2 or Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close (which the average person won't find playing anwhere near them). Nothing wrong with Sherlock Holmes but if they were gonna be good only on WB movies they should have made the dates longer to give the consumer more options, otherwise they're just saying "Here's a free ticket to Sherlock Holmes 2". After being disappointed by all this fine print I just bought The Shawshank Redemotion b/c its a good price. I can find The Matrix and most of the others for that price anytime.