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I've always been a fan of my Kindles since the Kindle Keyboard and I have mine loaded to the brim.

However, I was worried about damaging my precious one, so I picked one of these for a 2 week trip to Europe, used Calibre to un-DRM the books I was likely to want to read, and loaded up the Nook. It was tiny, held its battery charge, but sadly gave its life somewhere between Phily and LAX (my fault: I left it in an unprotected outside pocket of my carry-on without a case). However, my full Kindle was happily protected at home, safe and sound.

Moral of the story, even if you don't use the Nook bookstore, $40 for a disposable e-book was worth every penny as a daily beater, so to speak.


This site does provide excellent service, but as stated in the listing, very slow shipping! On at least 2 occasions it took them 2 weeks just to get my product in transit. As for the Nook, I look forward to it's display, small though it may be, and plan to root both Barnes and Noble out of it.


I've never bought from 1saleaday, so I can't comment on that aspect of the sale.
I have a Nook simple touch though, and it's a great little e-reader.
Battery life is very good, the screen is easy to read with enough ambient light (no back-light on this model), it has simple controls, and it displays e-pubs well.
Space on the device itself for side-loaded books is limited, but you can pop in a micro-SD card and have plenty of space.

And any e-reader is better with calibre on your pc to alter, convert, and manage e-books.