dealsdyson dc25 all floors ball vacuum (refurbished…


Well, if Amazon has it for 420, I suppose this is a deal.


woot/moofi needs to get the new dyson fans, not the dyson vacuums


These are awesome vacuums. Not cheap, but they work well. If you need a new vacuum, buy this one.


these suck.

Call me when they've got a Dyson SPHERE, then I'm in. A BALL just ain't gonna cut it.


Wow this is perfect...our vacuum power switch just broke and my wife has been bugging me to get a dyson for months. I was JUST about to plop down >$400 for this exact same model this weekend.

In for one



@kamikazeken: Is this where I insert the vacuum "sucking" joke?

I managed to wear out a Dyson over a couple of years, but maybe I was hard on it.


I hope you are all reading it's "remanufactured" If so, pay no attention to me. Be sure to get a squaretrade warranty!


I have the Animal Ball & it is AWESOME!

At this price I want to order a second one just because I can!


$38.99 for a SquareTrade 1 Year Warranty worth it? Only adding 6 months warranty to it...

It bothers me that it only has the 6 month warranty. But I've been wanting a Dyson for so long and thought I'd be stuck with getting the original design and not the ball version...but this is very very tempting.


This is a great vacuum, I defintely recommend it (especially at this price). I've had one of these for well over 1 year now, probably use it twice a week due to dog hair, and I've never had a problem with it. Can't beat it as far as I'm concerned.


We have two Dyson's at home (we are way too lazy to carry the big one up the stairs). :) They were both bought as refurbished and the first one just died after 8 years. The smaller vacuum is now working the whole house and is doing a mahhhvelous job. We have dogs and cats and vacuum almost every day. It is amazing how much these things suck up! I love my Dyson's and I may just have to get this one (see reason in first sentence).


Seems like a good deal, I had been looking around for something to replace my 12 or so year old Bissell. Man, that thing was the worst! I'm glad it's dead and I can feel even more justified in purchasing something decent.

In for a blue one!

Curious about the colors, though, I can't really find info on the Dyson site on anything but a yellow DC25 "all floors". On the UK site there was a "DC25 Overdrive" model that was blue. And I know there was a red Target one...anyone know more?


@lindarwill: 8 years doesn't seem like much for a home vacuum to me, especially since you're not even using it for multiple floors.

I've got a Hoover that's over 30 years old, and still going strong - the only problem with it these days is that it's been discontinued for so long that bags are a little hard to find. I think I may have had to replace a belt.


I have the same complaint about ALL bagless vacuums: they're not good for people with allergies. Yes there's a HEPA filter but the fact is a bunch of the allergens get back in the air when you open the canister and dump it into the garbage. Take a look at any bagless vac up close. You usually see a film of dust on the outside. I suppose you could take it outside and dump it, but why go through the hassle? I got an Electrolux that has bags designed to seal up as you take it out of the machine. MUCH better control of particulates.



I felt the same way 3 years ago when I bought my Dyson Refurb, even kinda felt uncomfortable even after getting it considering the amount of plastic.
Here's my order:
on 4/14/2008, you successfully wooted.
You ordered 1 Dyson DC14 Total Clean Vacuum (Refurbished).
for a total of $254.99

I can tell you this, I have yet had a single part fail or break in the 3 years I have owned my Dyson Refurb. Now I can't speak for everyone, because there is bound to be a couple bad eggs. However I personally have not had a problem and this is with 2 of my kids using it along with my wife and myself. We also have 2 cats, a dog, and a rabbit all indoors, and I gotta tell even the old DC14 has helped like no other!

Hope that helps and good luck in your decision!


I have purchased 2 refurb Dysons (not the "ball" model, though) through WOOT! about 2 or 3 years ago and both are still working fine. I couldn't tell either one was a refurb except that the box had a slightly different marking--I can't recall, but it wasn't obvious. THESE GET MORE CRAP OUT OF YOUR RUGS THAN YOU WILL BELIEVE. Even when you think they are already clean.



Wow! 30 years is amazing - however I have never had any vacuum last even 8 years (not even my Hoover). We used the big one the first 3 or 4 years both up and down, and we are talking a lot of surface area - both tile and carpet - downstairs. Additionally, when put head to head with my other vacuums this one out-cleans them all hands down, no question! And we have two large dogs and three cats indoors. So although I guess there are others that have by far outlasted my Dyson, I will bury it with honors, cuz it did such a fan-dang-tastic job when it was alive!


I got a Dyson Ball from Woot! a year or two ago. It's a great vacuum for rugs and carpets. It's not so hot on bare floors though. It tends to blow stuff around instead of sucking it up.


@flavorwrong: so take it on the patio to dump it? Still seems more convenient than buying and changing bags.


@jorfrost: Try that when you live in a state where it's -30 below in the winter with wind blowing all over the place. It's not just the particles getting back into the house, it's the fact that it's floating around as you dump it. Bad for my allergies. Every bagless vac I've ever owned had to be dumped out once a week. I just replaced my first bag on my Electrolux after a month. It took me literally a minute to do it. Bagless vacuum makers really push the convenience factor, but it's way overhyped. I buy my bags from the manufacturer and it's shipped to my door in a few days. I'm not saying Dysons are bad machines. They're great if you don't mind some allergens getting back in the air. Those of us sensitive to those particulates would od better with bagged vacs.


@rileyper: have you seen those fans? They are just a vacuum cleaner without the filter. They suck in air just like any vacuum and blow it back out through a fancy ring, and they're relatively noisy...