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Call me a pessimist, but I think this would probably be equally effective. :)


Bullying makes you grow thicker skin... I used to be bothered by every little thing people would say about me, now I'm able to just shrug it off. Made me a much better person.


I'll tell you, I'm not sure if this will arrive, but if it does, it is but a small evidence of the big problem we have with our Federal Government.

Can you imagine the expense to buy and distribute these things? This is unbelievable to me.


Bullying is an extremely serious problem, especially for kids who are different. My son has Asperger's Syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder) and was bullied mercilessly throughout his school years. I won't bore you with the stories, but I assure you that pulling someone you love back from the brink of suicide after he has been relentlessly bullied for years will convince you that changes must be made. I give an up vote for any program that is effective in stopping bullying, or even one that only brings attention to this problem.


My brother was bullied a lot as a child because he had the misfortune to be born disabled thru no fault of my parents. There are grants given to help the anti bullying cause, and I am a huge advocate of sharing that message so that kids will one day realize that tolerance is a good thing, and you don't all have to be clones of one another to be ok.


I do have no problem with the message and information being distributed, I take issue with the format.

Offer a free CD with the data on it, or a free download, and 75% of the people requesting it will be those who really can use it.

Put it on a thumb drive, have it hit the freebie sites, that number drops to 5%. Now you have to send out 20 thumb drives to reach one person who will actually use the information for the intended purpose. That, my friend, is the Federal Gov't.


@j0hnlind: Perhaps I'm not understanding your comment. If I'm reading it correctly, you are saying that the program would reach more people who would actually use it if it is available on DVD, which it is. (You can also request a free educational program to follow in using this for training.) The government is not offering this on a thumb drive, nor are they posting the offer to a freebie site (vistaseas shared it out here. Thanks!) So what is your concern? I actually have this program and use it locally, along with other materials. (I volunteer a few groups advocating for those with special needs - primary targets for bullies as several people have noted.) Again, I don't really understand what you are concerned about with the delivery system for this, but it's early and maybe my coffee hasn't kicked in yet.


There had been a "Stop Bullying Now! Flash Drive". Gone now, but I saw it listed on a number of freebie sites (see

Gone now. But it was there.