dealsteenage mutant ninja turtles: 25th anniversary…


I really REALLY want to buy this, but I don't want to get that crappy "Pizza Box" case. There are some cool custom covers out there, but I'm not gonna buy a Nice printer just to own these...
One day Warner, one day. Great Find!


@unoriginal26: The pizza box case is actually pretty cool.


How can anyone like TMNT but not want the pizza cover!? TMNT and Pizza go hand in hand!


The discs are PIZZAS!! How much more awesome could this collectors set get?!

Hmmm... What to buy for $1.01 to get the free shipping is the real conundrum...


@spicyflavor: He may be referring to the fact that in practice the box sucks. In theory it rocks but if you look at the pictures of the opened box set on Amazon it looks chintzy and cheap. I'm down with the pizza box idea but opened up it looks like they took a used store boght frozen pizza box and loaded it with Blu-rays, cards and a (sweet looking) skullie. The price is most definitely right though.


@garypaytonglove: I own it. It is awesome. That is all.


I just picked this up for $24 at amazon last week. It's definitely worth it, considering the packaging, all 4 films, and the beanie. You also get an autographed sketch-art drawing, and a repro of the original movie adaptation comic, albeit much smaller, which I remember owning/reading as a kid.

This is normally $60+new, and the dvd bundle with less than stellar packaging, and no bonus features is $10-15


How do you get the deal for that cheap?


@staceroo: use

you put in a dollar amount and it searches amazon for items at that price range that qualify for the $25 free shipping.