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Mail in rebates are so hit and miss but sorta free is sorta free if you have the time and inclination.


Free after $20 rebate. The amount of the rebate would have been nice in the original post. To be honest, I'd rather get one of the frequent offers of $10-$12 "out the door" that routinely show up on Slickdeals than chance a $20 rebate.

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Malwarebytes offers a free version for download. It may not have all the features of the paid version but it works pretty well.


This rebate is through and my experience this them is bad. They decline rebates and don't offer a reason as to why they were declined. If an offer is not worth it without the rebate don't buy it because there is a good chance you won't receive it.


@bob77: This is the company that TG regularly uses to process rebates, right? I detest rebates because of bad experiences, but so far I'm three for three with TG.


@cebooher3: The free version is only reactive, not proactive. In other words, the free version will scan every so often as you choose, and see if it can find any malware...the paid version is like an anti-virus it is catches malware BEFORE in infects your system. This may prevent a virus from infecting your system and stealing your files, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. until the next time Malwarebytes scans your system.
In other words, it is well worth the money...or in this "free after mail in rebate" offer: Priceless! ;-)