dealselements wood creche jewel tone nativity set for…


I was beginning to think that you weren't going to post this. It's such a cute little item, even if it is a bit early for Christmas. For $15, and considering how careful they are at packing things, this is just a winner. I may end up getting a couple.

Thanks for posting it.


What are the dimensions on any of the pieces?


@shrdlu: Sorry, but I believe it's never to early for Christmas.


@travelchic75: They look to be quite small. I would think the entire piece is in miniature, not meant (for example) as an outside display. If you go through the process of ordering, it may give you package dimensions, and you could extrapolate from there. I'm still busy trying to talk myself out of it (even though @mtm2 is quite right on it always being time for xmas), and do not dare start the order process (because I know me very well).

I'd guess the adult figures are about five or six inches high, from the visible details.

There is usually someone on the other end of their phone number, and they are happy to answer all sorts of questions (and believe me, I've asked some goofy ones). They may not be there today, though (I just realize it was Saturday).