dealscrucial m4 ct064m4ssd2 2.5" 64gb internal (ssd…


I would wait on this one. It could possibly get cheaper.

I've seen 128 GB M4s in the 60s and 70s range.


I have had about 4-5 of these die on my clients


@malighire: You've been a member for over a year, haven't bought anything, haven't posted any deals, and haven’t voted for (or against) any deals; and your first comment is on my deal? I don't know whether or not to feel privileged or disturbed.


I've had people complain about these drives having problems too malighire, however, none of these people downloaded the firmware update that fixes every problem I've heard people complain about. I have 4 M4's in my desktop and have had no issues. You should always update the firmware on these. Competence before ignorance.