deals25% off iphone 5 defender series build your own…


Wonder if this has anything to do with the compatibility problems this case has with iOS7?



Why leave us hanging, (or assume we already know), what compatibility issues with iOS7?


@beachwoot: This case is waterproof. iOS7 also makes your phone waterproof. The two layers of waterproofing negate each other. It's a pretty big flaw, I hope they fix it soon.


As an iOS developer, I'd like to know how a software/OS upgrade makes your phone waterproof. That's absolutely impossible.


Well perhaps I shouldn't have commented but several people I work with have this case and after upgrading to iOS 7 they are finding the swipe up gesture difficult because of the bottom lip of the case. They seem to be making due so perhaps it just takes getting used to.


The case is great, I have them on three phones, it is NOT waterproof. The iOS 7 waterproof thing is BS just google it. Dumbass people have ruined phones thinking a software update made the phone waterproof. Same people that should not have a "smart" phone. This case WILL MAKE the fingerprint reader inoperable on the 5s. It has been modified and re-released for the 5s. THis case is for the iPhone 5 only!


To be clear, the Defender series are NOT waterproof: they resist splashing and rain, nothing else. Otterbox does make a case with more protection: survive drops up to 10 feet and 30 minutes in 6 feet of water, but it costs way more.

You are paying quite a bit for customization. The Defender is going for 22-29 at the Mothership (depending on color), you pay 37.42 plus shipping on this deal, so you are paying quite a bit to get the exact colors you want.


Compatibility issue with iOS7 is that you can't access the control center with the case on the phone. The plastic around the button prevents accessing this new function. The case works fine with iOS6.