dealsstar trek potato heads (kirk and kor or spock and…


I am not sure if this is a "deal", but it is different.


@morriea: It was interesting and they are now offering Spock. If you order both sets from Thinkgeek, the total price will be cheaper than on Amazon (but if you only purchase one - it's about the same price)


they really are unique. Im a spud not a doctor.


Am I the only one puzzled by the inclusion of "Kor the Klingon"? I remember Khan. I remember Worf. I don't remember this guy. Perhaps they should have just gone for a red-shirted (red jacket?) potato...


no way bione! Kor is awesome! my dad and his best friend are huge star trek fans and refer to one another as kirk and kor. this is perfect!


where are the pointy ears!?!?!!?