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List price on this is really high. $9 isn't much lower a regular price at many places, including Amazon. This deal brings avg cost down to $7.75 per. Order 4 for $27 total and free shipping.

Your body will flush out any excess Vitamin C but with winter ad cold and flu season, good to have around. BTW - box says take two a day max.


When I start feeling gross I take one of these and night time Alka-Seltzer cold in an 8oz glass of water. You can get the Alka-Seltzer in citrus so it tastes about the same. Each specifies 4oz of water, so I just combine the two and get a good nights sleep. I normally wake up feeling much better.

I also take these nightly and/or morningly at DragonCon.


@johnt007871: I double down on B (for energy) and C (for virus protection) for about a week before going to a big con, the week of, and a week after. Definitely seems to help. I do this whenever I am getting on a plane. I take my usual daily multi in the morning, and in the evening before dinner take C, E and B. But I don't spend extra for the powders. I have a pill crusher if I really want to make a drink out of it. (I bought the pill crusher for my dog's glucosamine, I was afraid he was going to break a tooth on those things.)


@moondrake: True but the wife and kids like the fizz over the pills. No point to it being cheaper if they won't take them. :)


@first2summit: Fair enough. Sometimes I spring for Airborne when I travel even though I know I can get all the components more cheaply because it's easy and tasty. And the TSA doesn't look twice at the Airborne container as they sometimes do at my ziplock baggie full of assorted vitamins.