dealsworld's smallest solar powered car for $1.79…


Nice price. Better than that $5.00 price that advertises on here.

Personal experience: They work, but not for long. Bought this for $0.79 when Meritline clearanced them out (with the solar bugs) a couple months back. Kids had fun with them but they eventually get slower and slower after about a week (pretty heavy use by the younger ones). If I just didnt pre-purchase a console today, I would buy a couple more.


Note this is not being sold by Amazon - it is thru their storefront but from a third party.

It is shipped from and sold by that third party.


@bluemaple: that's true, but amazon holds their third party vendors accountable. they must accept returns, really no risk that I can think of.


bought a few of these a year ago, one didn't work but the other two worked fine. I've still got em on my desk actually.


I got a few of these; they work, but require full, bright sunlight. The car base has a bay in it perfect for an LR-44 battery, so I assume they were adopted from a battery-powered toy. I find that when they get going, they tend to bounce around and tip on any but the smoothest surface. I taped a spent battery in the bay to keep it stable.


Does this thing come with a remote or is it a glorifed pull back and let loose sort of toy (ie you can't control which why they go)?