dealscorsair voyager slider 64gb usb 3.0 flash drive…


Corsair is, arguably, touted as the king of computer RAM. Never used their flash drives, but the memory is likely similar...


Agreed, Corsair memory has been rock solid in my experience - wasn't aware they sold thumb drives.

$0.50/GB or less for USB 3.0 = good deal. If you can let a file transfer run in the background USB 2.0 is OK, but if you're in a hurry USB 3.0 is well worth it, especially with larger storage like this.


That promo code does not work


@n8675309: I can't speak directly to this example, but Newegg has two types of codes - those that are 'public' and are displayed on the product page... and those that come in emails to folks who have signed up @ Newegg.

Since this product page does not show the code, this promo is likely the latter.

Try signing up for the Newegg newsletter first... and then logging in with that ID to use the code. (I'm not sure this is a same day process - there might need to be an overnight process.) In any case, the Newegg emails offer some great deals...


Worked for me but I logged into my Newegg account before I added the code. Thanks for posting this!