dealsschoolgirl costume with pleated plaid skirt…


Dang, not available in my size.



I see all of your deals are from Would you be able to leave out the pic next time? I'll get the point, they sell sexy stuff. I'm in a setting where having these pix pop up on "popular" would force me to stop coming to deal.woot



@moldyearwax: Actually, I second this. Granted, everybody's not as strict where I work, but it could get... dicey if it happens often enough.


maybe if your at work.. you should be working? not looking at things to buy.


maybe people should WORK while they are at WORK... then there won't be issues with possibly running into something that isn't decent...


Can't you control your internet settings? Tools > Internet Options > or set whether or not your Start bar shows recent documents? If not, then my only other advice is the same as above =)


I'm with the crowd on this one- if it's inappropriate for your workplace then do your surfing at home!


This might be sexy without the tacky "A+"


OH NO! A tiny image of a scantily clad woman! The internets are not safe!!!

Seriously, just don't click it. It's so small that it shouldn't be a problem... unless you have a 30 inch computer screen or something...


@tcayer: I think the point @moldyearwax is trying to make is, should deals.woot really have to be considered inappropriate?


Please tell me what is inappropriate? There is no nudity, no sex, no drugs, no violence, no's a fully clothed female. Surely you can find something more important to be upset over. War, poverty, starvation, human rights, etc. This site is for SHOPPING, don't make it something bigger than what it is.


There is some serious ridiculousness going on here ... she's got clothes on ... I've seen worse on the deals board here, grow up.


I don't think anyone is objecting to the picture. People are just worried about being scolded by uptight bosses. Whether or not those people should be working at work is beside the point. Some people (me included) shop at work. If deals.woot wants their business, they might have to be careful about the pics they post.


jealousy is a terrible thing! LOL


This is America. America, OK? Where you can choose to look at something or not. Just like you can have your opinion, but I can also have mine. You want to hear mine? Of course you do; just like we had to hear yours. SHUT YOUR WORD HOLE. There you like it. NO? Why not? I had to listen to yours and was angered. Now we are even. Happy? Of course not. SO next time you have this wonderful idea about trying to not get in trouble looking at stuff you shouldn't be at work, maybe don't look. (Or grow a pair and just do it.) I am sure that no matter what, you can justify whatever it is you are doing or shouldn't be doing. Have a great Memorial Day!


Absolutely! For crying out load, earwax, it's a tiny (and fully clothed thumbnail), don't try to restrict everyone everywhere because YOU don't want to get in trouble doing what you shouldn't be doing at work!

Plus, what else could be offensive about it? That people play dress-up to enhance their relationships (are you listening, dear?) and their {CLOSE EYES OR TURN HEAD AWAY IF NECESSARY} SEX lives!


If you don't mind me pointing this out, some places have filtration software installed such as Bluecode or Net Nanny. There are other filtration methods, I'm sure. Depending on the settings, the appearance of this item on the deals page will set off a flag and make the page unviewable unless you circumvent the filtration (which you may not be able to do.) In other cases it will require you to switch users which is annoying.

I think that the original writer was not concerned about scantly clad women or their right not to look, or whatever - but that the software would flag it and make the page unviewable normally. People rarely consider that not everyone is in a private location on a private computer surfing the 'net - families, for instance, may not be able to afford a computer for everyone. Do they want six year-olds finding whatever comes along? Probably not.

I'm surprised we didn't have a similar issue with the guns, but I think the restriction would flag on bomb materials.


I was wondering how this would come with a tutor until I read the description and realized that study buddy was just the costume name. Imagine my disappointment.


What are you talking about @bholman99 when you refer to people playing dress up to enhance their relationships..I thought these were school uniforms.

Hope you have the day off and aren't viewing this at work were your boss may object at the fully clothed women in a school uniform.

Happy Memorial Day!
For love of country they accepted death... ~James A. Garfield


@rivercocytus: If this page got automatically filtered, the picture would be the least of the reasons. First of all, it's hosted on's servers. There is automatic image processing software in some of these filtering packages, but I doubt they could make much out of such a tiny image.

The link to the lingerie site, the description words like "sexy", etc. would be far more likely to set off the filter.

Practically, I think it's ridiculous that anyone could have an issue with such a tiny thumbnail, but I don't blame someone wanting to be better safe than sorry when it comes to their job. It's just that having an image like that show up as one of dozens of images on a page, occasionally, doesn't really strike me or probably many people as NSFW, so you're not going to have much luck stemming the "tide" (such as it is).


Complaining about the images here? Seriously, have you seen what kids are wearing for real on the streets? This woman actually has everything covered up at least. Gimme a break!


@01gerner: Sorry to anger you. Have a great Memorial Day

To all the commentators

I'm not offended. My religion won't allow me to see that little tiny image of the half dressed female. Therefore, if I know that I will probably see a pic like that, I probably won't come back to deals.woot Not because I am offended, but because I would like to stick to my beliefs. If this bothers you, slowly breathe in and out while thinking pleasant, relaxing thoughts. Like a beautiful sunset over the beach ;)



using your religious beliefs to dictate how others behave is bordering on offensive to me. If YOU can't stand seeing a little bit of flesh, maybe you should stay off of deals. personally, I can't stand seeing certains things that pop up here, but you know what? i don't click on them. See that? i can control what I do, I certainly won't let my unreasonable hatred of pink unicorns dictate what someone else should post.


@moldyearwax: I can guarantee that you will not be missed. Nor will your sorry attempts at trying to force your idea of morals on the rest of us.


I hope you who are offended by this realize that people wear less clothes at the beach... I see less clothes in central park. Unless there is something illegal or against policy going on here I do not see the point of arguing the point between each other, cause nothing will change. Take it up with woot management. It is way more annoying than the actual post LOL.


does this mean i cant woot a dildo deal if i see one?


What about the Victoria Secret ad i saw on the site as well. I doubt the gets flagged.


@khaavren: Did you try my relaxing exercise?
Obviously I agree that I should have self control and not click on that tiny pic. You should try and understand, that my religion won't allow me to see EVEN that tiny pic. I'm not dictating anything to you, merely making a statement


I wasn't threatening anybody (I hope). Please, try not to be offended by my post. I was only saying that I might actually do that. As for now, I used adblock to block the image the first time I saw. There are a few other things I can do to prevent these pics from reaching my eyes. All I was saying was: if this happens to much, I won't want do deal with the hassle. Many of you brought valid points. I'm just having a two way discussion. I glad to see the many opinions here:)

@publiclurker I agree with you 100%. Is this what you call force? wow! you must be feeble-minded. This is called freedom of speech. I said now you can too! sorry to disturb your holiday
@kurtmuroki There is nothing illegal here. I asked @loveiscool a question that's all.


But in the end, I'll have to agree with you, that for anybody not in my religion this is - at least - a bit excessive. So, sorry for getting you all fired up, I shouldn't have mentioned that I might not come back, it'll just bug some ppl out. So in an ironic twist, I now apologize for offending YOU :)
Enjoy the rest of your night.


A 38x62 pixel image of a woman showing her midriff, legs and bare arms. An image that is 36x62 pixels actually has the ability to ruin households, end jobs, or make you religiously tainted? Seriously? Maybe the internet isn't for you then. Maybe no website can provide the safety you require. Might I suggest the following tips:

1. Don't shop online at work! Work time is for work. Shop at home.
2. If your religion forbids you from seeing certain images then you might want to move to a more censored society like China or Iran.
3. If the people in your life can get upset over a 36x62 icon maybe you need new friends, a different job, a new religion.

I also find it immensely ironic that today we remember the people in our armed services who have fought and died in the name of freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom of speech. Freedom to look at half naked women on the internet. And then there is this thread asking Woot to make a policy about scantly clad women.


Some of you have way too much time on your hands. It is great to see everyone at work shopping on Woot. Now that is the American way.


@khaavren: it's actually an "invisible pink unicorn"... but I prefer the theory of the flying spaghetti monster myself.


"make you religiously tainted?"
Yes. Apparently, you don't know everything about every religion. Relax, nobody does.

"1. Don't shop online at work! Work time is for work. Shop at home.

"2. If your religion forbids you from seeing certain images then you might want to move to a more censored society like China or Iran."
May I practice my religion? I didn't say anybody HAS to do anything. I Just asked a simple question

"3. If the people in your life can get upset over a 36x62 icon maybe you need new friends, a different job, a new religion."

Thanks, however, your suggestion goes against a basic tenet of religion: belief. If G-d won't allow it, it doesn't really make a difference how my friends feel, does it?

"I also find it immensely ironic that today we remember the people in our armed services who have fought and died in the name of freedom. Freedom of expression..."
Exactly. It's my freedom to express as well. nobody says you have to listen.



Why does everyone want to be a victim? No one can see that thumbnail from any farther than 12" from your monitor. If you clicked the deal then it's your own fault.



No it wasn't The OP said "leave out the picture next time"
Don't go reading more into the post than what was posted.
The OP wants to be a victim.




Hope you can sleep knowing that you are morally superior to everyone


@moldyearwax: Not only have you been shopping all day at work, you've been commenting on the shopping items forum post all day. Now I don't know what time zone your in, but I'd imagine that you not only got into this ridiculous argument at work, but then went home, and CONTINUED to forum argue. Ridiculous. You should be fired.

BTW you think your solving anything? your fighting like .0000000001% of the opposing forces, dude.


Geez people, lighten up! This is supposed to be a fun place!

BTW, I'm buying one of these for my wife AND my girl friend!!



Anyone seriously complaining about this needs to stop being a prude cry baby. If your at work, then work and stfu. If your at home, grow up and quit whining.


I would like to thank all of you for entertaining me.

I am stuck in Iraq and like to look around on deals.woot and i came across this thread of posts.


Wow...this entire comments section is wow. I like tater tots.


Isn't it ironic how the first person offered a suggestion and woot exploded with complaints about how the pesron was complaining. I personally have no opinion on the matter because I am not allowed to use the internet at work, but I think the topic was taken way out of hand by the people defending the image not the people wanting the image banned. I love irony.


Is this quite possibly a scam?, "My religious beliefs". No one has asked the obvious question, what team you playing for? There is a good percentage chance I know what that is by the ideal but no matter what the outcome that form of interpretation is fanaticism, in any form. The shame you might feel from the outcome of your own guilt for the thoughts crossing your mind are yours to reconcile, not to hearken a response to sanitize the scenario. Either you are overly sanctimonious or a flamer trying to stir up a dialog; either way I will pray for you to find your way toward moderation and the acceptance of all life, or a rubik's cube to take up your time.


i think the problem w/ this is, this person ALWAYS posts these stupid deals-
its ridiculous- borderline spam.
please, if we wanted to see all the cheap stripper wear sales, WE'D SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER-
not wait for some 3rd party to possibly post anything new.


@hw384703: just because you can't surf the net while working @ walmart....