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Your link goes to a one week free trial


Sorry, all! That's something funky happening with the URL Woot is using. Probably trying to get the referral revenue themselves. ;)

Following this link takes you to the one month. It's the one I put in the deal in the first place. Grrr


Woot will commandeer the link but type in the below and it will get you to the one month trial. (If you click on the link it gets the redirect treatment. Not cool Woot.)



Been meaning to sign up and try it out, this is perfect, thanks!

EVERYONE: Be sure to manually type the URL above this post. The Woot links will not take you to the right page, not even if you click on the link indicated above this post. You have to manually type it into your browser.


@dmmutti: Well, not manually could copy and paste. :)

So, well, dang! Here I thought I was posting a great deal, only to have it down-voted because of the wonky URL. Oh well, those who need the deal will use it.