dealsdoctor who disappearing tardis mug for $10.99…


After years of obscurity, it's amazing how popular the Doctor has become here in the US. I guess that shows the success of BBC America.


@rhmurphy: I just became a new fan, and thanks to Amazon Prime I can watch the first 6 seasons of the new shows for free. I still haven't watched the older series yet. Not sure if I want to.


@mtrlgrl: If you can get past the cheese factor of the early Doctor Who serials, the story lines give some excellent background.


@theoneill555: Did they ever have book versions of the episodes? I could probably handle that better than the old episodes. If not, I will still consider watching them to get the background info.


I've been a huge doctor who fan for years (#4, Tom Baker is my favorite) but this is supposed to be a deal?!?! A mug for $17?



@whoster69: Actually, $11, considering most people order enough stuff at one time from ThinkGeek to get free shipping.

Or less if you use one of the frequent coupon codes.