dealssony ps3 dualshock 3 wireless controller for $36…


. . . or just wait a few months and pick up 3 for this price. Seriously, PS4 controllers are right around the corner. . .


There will be many people not switching over to the PS4 right away. I think it will take a little while for PS3 items to start dropping drastically in price.


You know, if the PS4 reduces the demand for PS3 parts, it's just as possible that will increase the price. Go try to buy a part for a rare car instead of one of the most popular.


DualShock 2's didn't drop in price for a couple of years after the PS3 arrived. That's because Sony was still selling a ton of PS2's.


@charlesp2009: Because of no backwards compatibility. idk but shouldn't the Ps4 be backwards compatible with the ps3 including simple universally compatible bluetooth controllers?


@shadowzero26: PS4 and PS3 are on completely different underlying architectures (x64-x86 for the former, CELL for the latter); it has been rumored that there will be some kind of backwards compatibility for PS3 games on PS4, but the rumor is that it will be done via a pay service that will stream the game from the cloud (from a server-emulated PS3) to your PS4.

tl;dr backwards compatibility? lolnope


@secretagentman02: other than the fact that its not a rumor but has actually been confirmed, 100% correct. PS3 controllers will not work on PS4 (and 360 controllers will not work on the XBOne). Next year Sony will launch their streaming game services which will allow you to play many PS3 games streaming on your PS3, PS4, and Vita. I believe their exact terms were "select PS3 games" so who knows how large the selection will be. I would assume pretty large, otherwise its a waste of a streaming service unless they plan to allow streaming of a large selection of PS2 and/or PS4 games


@faaaaq: I called it a rumor because I didn't have a source to which I could direct interested parties: if you have a source, I would love to see it.