dealsred lobster seafood restaurants -$10 off any 2…


Let's go!

/ They're forming in a straight line
// They're going through a tight wind
/// The kids are losing their minds


It's the only restaurant where my 4 and 6 year old behave themselves. Think it's the biscuits and my threats to throw them in the lobster tank.


-$10 off means they add $10 to the bill?

/Math pedantry


Robes de bal, robe de bal, robes de bal, robe de bal à bas prix, bon marché Robes de bal, robes de bal acheter


The one closest to us closed and became a funeral home a few years ago. I've been to several funerals there and STILL expect to see lobsters soewhere.


Good place to eat if you don't like seafood.


I just used this coupon (courtesy of Woot) and our waitress was like "Wow! What a good deal!"
Thank you so much! :D


I upvoted this deal because my mother LOVES Red Lobster (and I'll pass it on to her.)
I used to love Red Lobster.....until I lived on the Gulf Coast for about 4 yrs and found out what real seafood is supposed to taste like. There's just no comparison to eating something that was just caught out of the ocean or bay less than an hour before it's on your plate. I'm forever ruined for any seafood restaurant that's not on the beach.

I do still love Red Lobster's cheddar cheese biscuits, though!


$10 off two entrees?

That like free soda. Really. Soda is like $3each.


@nanaejt: Not necessarily. There's a test kitchen in Dallas that has interesting and different meals that don't always make it out to the rest of the chain. So, it's always at least interesting, often very good.


@reginafilangee: I live on the Gulf Coast, though we have a Red Lobster that does quite well. I had a friend (native to the area) and she insisted on going to Red Lobster for her birthday because it was "the best." It was amusing, yet sad.