dealstranscend 32gb sdhc memory card- class 10 for $19…


I own this card and it works fine, this a great deal on the price. I will say one thing, it is not USB 3 compatible. I bought a transcend USB 3 multicard reader and every time I use it in my USB 3 port the photos I transfer off are corrupt and then the files on the card go bad as well (yes I am running most recent drivers). However when I pull the same card reader in to a USB 2 port it works just fine (after reformatting of course). I guess the only cards that can actually take advantage of USB 3 are high end CF, C10 SD cards max write speed is below USB 2 speed, (something I should have checked before buying but I guess I am ready for the next gen cards that can handle usb3). But this card as a just a card in the camera (T3i) works great and can last a long time before it need to be dumped on to a computer....rant end.....


@jacobsdr: Thank you, helpful/good rant! :p


@jacobsdr: Not saying your case isn't true, but USB 3 readers are backwards compatible with USB 2.