deals7.5 ft. pre-lit wesley pine tree clear lights for…


Just called. They are sold out.


They also come in multi-color lights. Call ahead; our Home Depot only got four - two of each option.


i ordered mine online :) can't wait for it to be delivered! THANKS!


I ordered one this morning and got an email this afternoon saying they were out of stock and backordered...


yeah, it's dead. only can 'add to list' now


I have one of these, the first year had no problem putting it together and getting all the lights on. Of course it comes with virtually no instructions (made in China). The second year, a little more problems getting all the lights plugged together. Last year I gave up and just turned the little spot that never got lit toward the wall. Getting ready to put it together again. Does anybody have any instructions they can e-mail me?