dealsstanley kubrick films - 10 dvds warner home…


@dpiercy85: I surrender! You are an expert at finding the best deals. Will just make 1 comment on this one - it's an ebay vendor in Canada. It'll take forever to be shipped to the U.S (I'm in FL). I've purchased from Canada before & know the delays & such. Still, the very best price for sure. Thanks again! deals.woot should hire you, IMO. :-D


@gmwhit: It's almost like @dpiercy85 wanted you to post this deal from your clockwork orange deal so he/she could post the ebay link in response. It's a conspiracy for sure.


@dpiercy85: not a good deal for me. I don't buy from ebay since my acct was hacked by spammers, and they canceled my account. Also paypal locked my account and won't allow me to cancel it or reopen it because I don't have a land line. The PayPal account is in some sort of limbo.


Price is now $26.00. Still a good buy to some. :-)