dealsfinish powerball coupon for $2.15 off select


The 32 Count is a slightly better deal if you look at the price per wash. Without any other discounts, tax etc., the price each is $0.1378 for the 85 Count, and $0.1322 for the 32 Count.

Of course, the 32 count is an add-on item. Either way, outstanding find!


Thanks. I just added it to my subscribe and save order that is getting sent today. That added another 20%


Thanks, I just ran out of these today, so I ordered. Amazon Prime will save the day and the price was great!


This is the one you want. The Finish Powerball Quantum. These kick ass. I have a dishwasher that's so old it has just a dial for where it is in the cycle and a switch for hot or cool dry, and the Qauntum ones get stuff clean, man. I swear by them.


I got both kinds --- used both coupons.
Have a new dishwasher , so the powerball ones work fine. ( I keep rinse stuff in the thing ) With the Quantums, I don't need the rinse stuff, so I use them when I am running low on the rinse stuff.
Sorry for all the technical terms ! =P


Oh, so Finland isn't selling discounted Powerball tickets. Bummer.


Just worked for me (9:35am pst)