dealstake 35% off orders over $50


Code works!
My complaint with the site...
They offer free shipping on orders over $75. So I ordered extra stuff to reach over $75.

After entering the code WD3, My order was less than $75.

I PayPal'd my payment without looking to close to the final payment amount.

I paid $10 for shipping.
I didn't get the free shipping. :(

Lessons learned...

Don't trust website ads.
Read fine print.
Confirm payment amount before continuing.

Overall...I saved $9.


Saved $50 on a battery (though you can't ship those; I did ship the wiper blades in the order (free since the battery got me over the $75)). It even gave me 35% off the core charge....


Still working till the end of the month.

I pissed that I had missed the 15% Battery discount at discount auto last week, this one even better saved 44.80 and Advanced doesn't want $10 for free battery install like PepBoy's does.

Also if you do it yourself Advanced lets you take your old battery back to any store not so with PepBoys.

I never would have seen this.



@berichlikeme: I did one of their promotions where they send you a $25 gift certificate later with a $50 purchase or some such. They never sent it. I asked and they basically told me to stop trying to scam them. I don't think I'll be trying these anymore


@johnt007871: Actually this inspired me to try calling again, and they were able to retroactively apply my missing coupon to a new order. Faith restored. SHOP ON!


To those that say they had problems with shipping: I work at an Advance Auto Parts store, and you can use this coupon code on the website, and select pickup in store. Then, you can go to your local Advance store, and pick up your order within 15 minutes of completion, and avoid shipping charges, and waiting for your order to be sent via UPS, ect. as long as your items are in stock at your local store.