dealsnew 32 gb google nexus 7 fhd tablet (2013) for…


Will be 199.00 staples Black fRIDAY IF YOU CAN WAIT FOR IT


@ramu123: do you have a link for that info? I've been watching the Nexus like a hawk, but haven't seen any confirmation of any Nexus Black Friday deals...

Staples ad shows 16gb version for $199.99, not the 32gb. I've been watching the nexus 7 as well.. Walmart is showing the iPad Mini for $299 w/ a $100 giftcard which is definitely tempting


Just picked up a 16gb from Amazon's warehouse deals (refurb) for ~$150, don't know if they have any more.

If you're on the fence about one, jump on it. The screen is gorgeous, and its more narrow than my iPad mini, so its more comfortable to one-hand, which is the difference maker when it comes to tablets. Bigger tablets are just uncomfortable to hold for extended periods of time, and once you need a stand or rest it on your lap, you might as well use a laptop.