dealsbecome a vip texas roadhouse for $0.00


Nice place to eat! Great steaks and a can of peanuts.


@rha009 Thanks for the deal, I love this place. And hitting on the waitresses too.


1800 Margaritas make this place a must go.


wheoever gets this coupon post it here for the rest of us



that's funny - i just went there tonight already


link took me to a signup for email newsletter promotions. no offer/coupon


@mojobonbon: Used mine last night too. Apparently, though, they were unable to serve/were out of anything fried. I told them about the coupon I had and they let me use it for the grilled shrimp appetizer!

@rbenard: If you would've read the description, you'd see that they EMAIL you the coupon.


I got their emails for several years and they never, ever send coupons or have specials. Just plugs for their Willie Nelson merchandise. They may send the initial one but don't hold your breath for any more except for a free appetizer on your birthday.


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