dealschristmas music - hey, it's christmas, vol. 2…


Plenty of format options. mp3 320, FLAC, mp3 VBR V0, AAC, OGG, and ALAC.


Unable to download at least on my side. On the page below, after clicking "Free download", I receive the following:

"Hmm, that shouldn't have happened.
Please go back and try reloading the page, waiting for it to load fully. Sorry for the inconvenience!"


Worked fine for me, at least to get the download started (another 2+ minutes on said download).


Not bad. Haven't listened to all of it yet, but it is definitely worth the download.

Thanks to the OP.


Downloaded with no problems. Dragged and dropped into My Music and everything sounds great! Thanks for the post!


@coldwatercreep: just hit the back button and try it again. If that doesn't work it might be your browser. I was having problems when I was using an outdated version of firefox, but it worked when I switched to safari.


@soulsurfernile: Worked and downloaded successfully. Thanks for posting the deal.