deals120gb ssd sata iii.(after $15 rebate) for $69.99…


Prices on SSDs are dropping like rocks. If you aren't in need of one right now, wait a few months and prices should be much better.


Though I should say that if you are in the market for one now and don't mind rebates, that is a good price.


best price yet for an SSD. That being said: This is 2 year old technology, and it shows. Buy two and raid them to outperform any single other SSD on the market and for 60% of the cost. At this price, you should be completely comfortable with using raid, especially considering these are mainstream (not high performance) drives, which when raided performs as well as high performance drives and with essentially double the space.


Reviews indicate this drive needs a firmware upgrade to correct some problems it has. I bought one last week that seems to work ok, but I have not set it up as a boot drive yet.


It sounds like you're talking about RAID0, in which case be careful if you care about your data. OCZ drives have a pretty high failure rate and if you have no fault tolerance, all of your data will go bye-bye.



I purchased this a couple weeks ago and installed it into a new Acer Inspire laptop. I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Ultimate (non SP1) on it (via MSDN) via DVD. The drive had the latest firmware on it. The computer refused to power off automagically during shutdowns. I had to HOLD the power button.

I then downloaded a new copy of Win 7 (WITH SP1), and made a bootable USB drive. Reformatted & that installed version works flawlessly (the computer powers off as it should).

Apparently, this drive + that computer have a problem (and I would never in a million years have expected this) with GUID disk partitions. Going to W7 SP1 with a USB key formatted the drive in MBR style and everything works.


I logged in for the first time in months to say that I do not trust OCZ. I've had nothing but bad experiences with their brand, although it was related to their ram instead of SSD.


just note that not all laptops use this size! i just opened mine up to make sure i could remove it easy enough, and mine is a 1.8"! sadly those are still over $200 :(