dealsgeneric sony playstation 3 wireless controller…


This is NOT a Sony controller, this is a Chinese knock-off. Look at the "P3" button. I own one of these, they're garbage.


Not really a Sony product. This is a knock-off. See:

I am not sure if it is as good as or better than the Sony product, just deceptively labeled.


I got one of these a while ago thinking I got a good deal on a Sony controller. I think it is worth $15 but there are a few problems with it. It is not a Sony Brand controller, it does not have the 3-axis sensors and it turns off really fast. If you leave it idle for about a minute it turns off. It is really annoying in Rock Band when you sing a song and your controller is off when you finish. Other than that, it has worked fine. It connected to the PS3 the same as a Sony controller and has played all the games I have tried (minus the 3-axis).


Kill this deal! Kill it with fire!!!


don't do it... just don't do it... It'll be the fastest $15 you'd ever wasted.

In fact - I'd say that for 95% of the knock-off third party accessories from China. If it's 3rd party and SAYS it's third party... then there's a chance it's worth your time. If it's trying to look and act legit - there's a reason it's a 1/3rd or less the cost - and it's not built in R&D/advertising costs I assure you