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I particularly like how the link doesn't go to the specific shirt mentioned.


It's not his fault, it's something the website does. You can copy paste this link into the url and it will take you there but clicking takes you to the home page:


In my experience, the majority of people who work in tech support are just as stupid as the customers who contact them (if not worse). It is nice, however, when you do reach someone whom actually understands your issue instead of insisting that you either a) Reboot your computer/router/modem/blender or b) Make sure your power cords are plugged in before they will even begin to listen to my technical diagnosis of the actual problem.


@zealotonastick: Sorry about the link (and thanks @mattbattista). I was on the page for the shirt and used my Woot This Deal button to post it. It never dawned on me that it wouldn't work correctly. I will tattle it and see if a mod can fix the link.


@alchemist08: Said the person who most likely has never actually worked in a true tech support capacity (being the least-ignorant user in a give cube farm does not count).

Had you actually worked in a real IT department, or provided true technical support, you would know that the act of restarting a given system does have real merit, and checking for the simple and obvious things first does make sense. (I learned that the hard way after drive 45 minutes to a client site to find that they needed to press Num Lock). Beyond having technical merit in a lot of cases, larger support groups that provide support services to a wide range of users with varying levels of technical knowledge (read hardware manufacturers, software publishers, large organizations, etc) often have checklists that MUST be followed before the agent is given the freedom to troubleshoot "properly". Often the consequence of not following these checklists is a poor QA review, and sometimes termination.


@carusoa: No, it's still $7.99 but they seem to be having some link problems. Try this. Copy and paste if it takes you to their main page.

EDIT: I posted this and tried the link. You DEFINITELY have to copy and paste it to get it to work. Very strange!


C'mon, folks. I would never have posted this t-shirt if I had known it would lead to all of this. In ANY field those who know the ropes vs. those who don't can have issues. I spent 33 years in HR and was constantly amazed at the "stupid" things managers and employees did that violated policies, rules, employment laws, and what I considered common sense. I'm sure the IT folks thought I was an idiot on more than one occasion (well, daily, but who cares). The experts in procurement, contracts, insurance, and fiscal, were undoubtedly amazed at my lack of understanding of processes they took for granted.

In every field we need to have good customer service skills. Frankly, the IT folks were my best buds (I'm a technogeek wannabee), but they frequently lacked patience with people. I helped them with that. Part of MY job. This shirt could just as easily read "never worked in HR," or any other field.

Let's all take a deep breath and recover our sense of humor. Back to deal hunting.


I just copied and pasted the link posted above - it goes to the home page. Looks like this is a bogus deal.


Whoa didn't realize there would be such a commotion!

We have been experiencing some weird link issues with LOL lately, but rest assured, you can still grab this tee for $7.99 over on tanga right now


@tangadotcom: Thanks a bunch! I tried posting a direct link to that particular item and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. The interwebs seems to be giving me a LOT of trouble today. I guess it's going around. Thanks for the help!


You know it is going to be a long call when the person on the phone asks you which of the TWO computers they need to turn off, the one on the desktop or the one on the floor. This of course when the reboot fails because they are frozen so a power down of the computer is required. Nice Shirt!


@alchemist08: If your "technical diagnosis" is so accurate, why are you calling tech support?


@mommadillo: Just because I know what is causing my issue, doesn't mean I have the power to fix it. For example, an ISP-leased router refusing to issue DHCP leases due to an internal bug in the firmware. With an issue like this, I would have already taken basic troubleshooting steps, as well as conducted other experiments before I ever contacted tech support.

I just felt that since this shirt takes a shot at incompetent users , that credit should be shared with incompetent tech support.