deals1 hr deal red dead redemption ps3/xbox360 7/9/10…

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Rofl doesnt mean jack unless the company means it.


Got mine in the mail this morning. I used the free shipping method since I was in no order to receive it. They said 5-10 business days for delivery and 2 business days for the processing. Ordered friday at 12:30 received Monday at 11:30. NICE.


Got mine today also via the cheapest shipping option. Thanks for a great deal!


Hmmmm. I just got mine this morning and it does not want to load at all on my 360. Disc looks fine i believe....just wont play. Or install to the hard drive


Got mine yesterday, played for 2-3 hours, lots of fun.

And of course that evening (much later, the system was definitely fully cooled) was playing Street Fighter IV for only an hour and my X-Box got the red ring of death. Talk about bad timing.

Not to mention it was only a month or so after the 3-year warranty extension expired. I guess I should count myself lucky it lasted as long as it did.


I received mine two days ago in the mail, pretty fast for $3 shipping
It works fine and I haven't had any problems with it. All in all it's a great buy for just a little under $30