deals1 night stay at public chicago hotel for $1.00


comes with complimentary 5 minutes at chicago public bathroom


So they will only pay me a dollar to stay there? I've been to Chi-town before...better come up with a lot more cash than that (for those who are humorically challenged, this is sarcasm).


Anyone stay at one of these before?


It's a boutique hotel, and you're signing up to be notified of the sale when it occurs.

Room rates are normally ~$260 USD.


I hope everyone read the terms and conditions. Quoting: "Only one room night may be reserved per customer. If more than one room night is confirmed at the $1 rate, we reserve the right to cancel all bookings. Additional room nights for an extended stay may be booked at best available rates."
So basically what they are saying is that you can book only one night for 1USD, the other nights have the usual ~200USD price tag.


Doesn't guarantee that you won't have to share a room with other $1 guests. Which, you know, some people might be into.


This is actually a very nice hotel. I've stayed there. Of course I'm not sure I'm allowed back.