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You can get better quality meat at a local butcher. Not only will it taste better, but you'll support a local independent company. Hell, CostCo sells fresh sirloin for $4.99 per lb!

As someone who grew up in Iowa, I've had Omaha steaks on several occasions, and frankly they've been disappointing every time. Who eats a 5oz steak bought online anyway?

Then there's the part where all of this arrives frozen. Look, if I'm going to buy steak, it sure as hell won't be a 5oz Sirloin that arrives at my house frozen. If I need a taste of the midwest on my plate I'll order from Rube's. At least the cuts are man-sized, the meat is top quality, and it arrives without having ever been frozen.

Sure, it costs more but why in the hell would I spend $80 for crap I can buy locally of higher quality?


I've purchased a deal like this once before. Pricing it out compared to my local butcher this deal blows them away. The quality is very good. Their burgers are amazing. If my freeze had room I'd snatch this up right away.


@jmacas429: Really?

Let's break down that pricing:
Stuffed Sole: $5.97 for 2 4.5 OZ portions
Potatoes Au Gratin: $10.40 for 8 servings.
Caramel Apple Tart: $14.99 for 6 servings.

That's a total of $31.36 for those items using pricing on Omaha Steaks.

Are you telling me that:
1.25 LBs of Sirloin
1 LB of Pork Chops
1 LB of Chicken Breast
1.33 LBs of hotdogs
1 LB of Steak Burgers

(Total of = 5.58 LBs of meat) is worth $8.71 per lb, and this is cheaper than where you live?

I can go to a local bar here in Seattle and get a 6 oz Ribeye w/ french fries for $8.99 cooked, and delivered at my table. I can buy fresh Ribeye at the grocery store for $6.99 on sale, and $9.99 when not-on-sale. Bone in, delicious, still not frozen when I get it.

Because, that's higher than average grocery store prices here, and at least the Grocery store's meat shows up fresh and not frozen.


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