dealsvizio vsb200 universal hd surround sound bar…


Not recommended. I own one and it is very tempermental to input type and heat. Recommend spending money on a newer model solution.


Shipping is $20, so it works out to the same as newegg. But this site only takes checks, money orders, or paypal, and not credit cards.


Own one, paid full price ($99ish at Wally World), zero complaints, really enhances the sound for video games and blu-rays. Only problem I've encountered is that the soundbar won't support Vudu audio output through my Internet-connected LG tv. Remote has to be pointed directly at the sensor but otherwise this is a pretty significant upgrade over standard flat panel sound, especially at this price and with a warranty for peace of mind. Would recommend for small rooms and would buy another if mine broke (going on strong over a year, no issues in that span).