dealsblue diamond almonds 16oz (various flavors) for…


I eat these all the time. The Smokehouse flavor is great.


I always get my sweet and salty, chocolate nuts from Walgreens. mmm


$5 a pound for almonds is a great deal - almond butter shall be made this weekend, for sure.


mmmm...nuts...I'll pick up a few bags for snacking on at home and work


Does anybody know if this affects the in-store price? I checked the weekly ad, but these aren't listed. Is it an online-only deal?


The 6oz cans are 2 for $3.79 right now so they work out to 7 cents more per pound. Easier to stash and they usually don't last long enough to start picking up moisture from the air. Thanks for the heads up OP.


@aafalke: I am not sure if they are available in the store for this price, but I do know that the sale just started and that it is not part of the weekly ad.


@timbert: Looks like the BOGO deal is dead. I'm showing $3.79 for 1 6oz can.


Oh, nuts... That's one shell of a deal.


Well they have the emerald dark chocolate at sam's all the time for around $9 for a 38 oz, thats a better deal. On top of that they always have 3 lbs of roasted, salted or unsalted, for $10.98. They also have raw as well. This deal is sub-par at best.


@numbronepackfan: Blue Diamond almonds are way better than the Sam's club nuts.


MMM....Bold Wasabi and Soy for me please! Yumm! Must take a small sandwich baggie at most to work so I don't eat the whole danged bag! LOL


I love almond milk, but I've always wondered where the nipples on almonds are to get the milk.