dealssupertalent 8gb class 4 high speed micro sdhc…


Not quite a great deal on the 8GB. I did better at Frys like 2 days ago. Twin pack of Patriot 8GB Class 4 for $10.99. 50 cents more per card, but I will take Patriot over "Super Talent" any day:


DO YOUR RESEARCH before dealing with this company.


Just did business with them a few weeks ago for some Super Talent cards, got my order in 4 days. Never had a problem with them.


Ordered an item 5 weeks ago, received it in 10 days.
Not too bad.

When I opened it, it was the wrong item, similar but could not use it.

Sent e-mail, their response was, finally, they would send return shipping label, OK.

Never received it. They have not responded to further e-mails.

Today I will open a dispute with PayPal !


Wait - "Class 4 High Speed?"

The photos show Class 10.

I iz confyoozled.

Also - the price for 8GB is six bucks, $4.99 is for the 4GB.


The only micro SDHC on their site is a class 4 Kingston. The super talent product on theri site si a standard SDHC card (class 10). prettywootprincess failed.


Hello @computiac:

We apologize that you never received your return label. Please email with your order number and information, and we will take care of you right away.

Happy Wooting!
GearXS Team


@rrussell: There is an 8GB one without an SD "piggy-back" adapter for $4.99. You are seeing the one with the adapter.


@gearxs: Well this is very strange.

Just sent a e-mail with the required info.

I will post with the results, good or bad !

This will show what this company is made of.


@id6klub: What - you mean the one in the CENTER at the TOP?

Yeesh. Time to get my eyes checked.


@rrussell: Your eyes are fine...just odd placement for the cheaper item.


32 gb micro sd cards are cheaper on Amazon, with free shipping, and by a more reputable seller. I've never personally shopped with @gearxs but I haven't heard good stories from fellow wooters. Maybe they're getting better?


I've never had a problem with them except for slow shipping. Expect smartpost-like times.
But I've ordered a bunch of stuff from them (self adhesive whiteboards, these SD cards, etc) and it's all come in and worked.

Only bad things I've had with the SuperTalent SD cards (32GB class 10) are:
A. The write protect is looser on this brand (the cameras will flip the switch sometimes when it's inserted). Since I don't care about write-protecting the card, a little superglue fixes it.
B. It takes a while for the card to "boot up" on my Kodak 1085is cameras (extra 10 seconds to power-on). Once the camera is on, though, it works at recording 720p videos fine.


@thormj: An "extra 10 seconds" isn't something that should be acceptable. You're experiencing the end product of shoddy circuitry and workmanship from companies like "Super Talent". I make my living in IT and Super Talent is one of the handful of last resort choices I would every recommend for anyone. Just my 2 cents.

The end result feeling is like that of people who would buy a 32GB flash drive on eBay where they first came out "cheap" only to have a flash drive that shows a capacity of 25+GB yet would never hold more than 2GB of data.


My only complaint about these folks is the SLOOOWWW shipping using Smartpost.