dealsdizbee sale! camouflage water repellant outdoors…


Thanks! In for one. I've ordered from this site in the past without issues.


whats with all the pop-ups on these deals sites? I'm not giving my email just to look around. oh well. my wallet thanks me again.


@luke975: if you click on the "x" in the top right corner, that will go away & you do not have to enter your e-mail address.


@dizbee: i seen that. my problem is, I shouldn;'t have to. You simply don't need to ask for any information just so I can look around. what do you think I would do if I walked into a b & m store and they immediately asked for personal information?


@luke975: So if you go into a retail store you don't want a salesperson to say "Hi how are you today?" because it's a personal question ? To me it's only annoying if a site asks for your email address and if you don't supply it you're blocked from looking around.


@nanaejt: thats the silliest comparison I've ever heard.
of course not, I expect a salesperson to greet me. I do not expect, before I even step into the store, to be hounded for PERSONAL information.
And when I'm checking out in a store it's all about need to know information. they do not need my zip code, telephone number, or email address. and yes I'm asked for those frequently.


Trust no one. Give no information of any sort to anyone. Do not speak to, or look at, anyone. Board up your house, and put a fake address on it. Disconnect your phone, and do not go outdoors for any reason. Do not sleep, watch TV, or spend money. I say again -- trust no one.