dealsjumbo 3x5 polyester american flag for $5.00…


Don't see where it was made.


like I said before my comment was removed by staff
DOWNVOTE for the blatant attempt to cash in on the death of an American icon.


@kamikazeken: Who is trying to blatantly cash in? The seller of the item has nothing in their write up about Neil Armstrong. I put the name there because I was looking for an American Flag to pay tribute to the man. Are you saying that I am "blatantly trying to cash in"? How?

You are totally off base on this one.


Not made it the United States of America? If Ole Glory isn't made in the U.S. of A., it should be illegal to be sold or purchased!!

(Just my 2 cents.)



These flags are "you get what you pay for'' types....bought them when they were 2 for 10....BIG mistake...
gave them away ...
they are ink on material...PRINTED that is correct....


@starmanbackwards: yep, utter junk. If your American flag isn't even made in America, IT AIN'T AMERICAN. If you want to be proud, as the OP suggests, buy one that's made in the USA.


these look like what I bought from another website,JUNK, Made in CHINA, printed on disposable tablecloth material. I regret buying them.


@kylemittskus: " 3x5 = jumbo?"
It is if it's your pants size!